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    Browse the calendar of events and recommit to a sustainable future.

  • 2024 Sustainability Awards

    Yale staff and students recognized for outstanding contributions


Featured Content

An illustration showing recyclable cans, plastic and paper going into a single-stream bin

Recycling at Yale

How recycling works at Yale—and how we can all do it better

Yale Sustainability Data Hub 

Interactive dashboards charting Yale’s progress on sustainability goals

A photo of a bumble bee on a purple flower

Yale Planetary Solutions

Addressing the biodiversity and climate crises through research, education, and engagement.

Yale Community Climate Stories

Preview of story map

We’ve collected stories from around the world about how climate change has affected the places that matter most to the Yale community and what we as climate leaders are doing to respond. Explore our interactive map and add your voice to the conversation.

View Story Map | Submit your story

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